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What is Yocto Project

Yocto Project provides a software development environment based on the OpenEmbedded build system and flexible Image File system formats. It aims to ease the development of embedded Linux applications on multi-core architectures.     Yocto build system components: Bitbake Openembedded-core Poky What is Bitbake ? Bitbake is a build tool written in python, it helps …

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What is embedded linux

What is Embedded Linux?        Embedded Linux is a form of the Linux operating system that is designed to run on an embedded system, such as a mobile device, router, or embedded system. It is designed to be an efficient, cost-effective, and secure platform for embedded applications. Embedded Linux has become increasingly popular …

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what is arm and arm family

Aiming to support bedded AI computing, the BOXER- 8200 series is designed for bedded requests in both tackle and software. The series includes AI machines from NVIDIA Jetson NANO or Xavier NX and provides artificial interfaces, power voltage, and thermal dispersion. The enabling of artificial operating systems, similar as Yocto, is the crucial part in bringing AI to the bedded request. The Yocto Project provides the tools to develop acclimatized bedded Linux distributions for any device, platform, or design. This is made possible across multiple verticals including retail, healthcare, transportation, robotics and artificial robotization. structure custom systems enables inventors to minimize needed storehouse space, memory operation, and security threat face thereby achieving optimal performance. Sources and attestation to start using Yocto Project with the BOXER- 8200 series are available then

Yocto Project for Jetson nano

Unleash the power of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier with Yocto Project ! In this article we discuss how to get started with Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier and build a minimal custom Linux distribution using the Yocto Project (YP) and OpenEmbedded (OE). At Yoco tutor we are long time developers and users of the Yocto Project …

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