What is a BSP

In embedded systems, a board guide package deal (BSP) is the layer of software program containing hardware-specific drivers and different routines that permit a unique working machine to characteristic in a specific hardware surroundings (a laptop or CPU card), built-in with the O.S. itself. Third-party hardware builders who want to aid a specific O.S. need to create a BSP that approves that O.S. to run on their platform. In most instances the O.S. photograph and license, the BSP containing it, and the hardware are bundled collectively by means of the hardware vendor.

BSPs are normally customizable, permitting the person to specify which drivers and routines ought to be covered in the construct primarily based on their decision of hardware and software program options. For instance, a precise single-board pc would possibly be paired with any of quite a few pix cards; in that case the BSP may consist of a driver for every images card supported; when constructing the BSP picture the person would specify which portraits driver to encompass primarily based on their desire of hardware.

Custom Linux BSP development

YOCTO TUTOR’s software expertise includes the development of Board Support Packages (BSPs) for Linux embedded operating systems.
We have experience working with the most popular hardware architectures: PowerPC, ARM, x86, MIPS.

We have the capability to create BSPs and implement device drivers for both standard and custom development boards.
We create custom board support packages to rapidly deploy an operating system and fully utilize the features of the underlying hardware platform. We can configure the BSP to meet our customer’s specifications for specific peripherals, operating system features, file systems and memory types.

We can also create a boot loader to initialize and customize your hardware and device drivers and we have extensive experience porting open source boot loader such as U-Boot.
Our engineers have extensive knowledge of the Linux operating system.

Our experienced team can customize a complete Linux Board Support Packages for you.

Supported BSP

This is the listing of the BSP furnished and supported with the aid of Yocto Tutor in addition to these developed for customers only. Most of them are unofficial and unsupported at once through the silicon dealer or the board producer.

Samsung Artik – unofficial Yocto Project meta layer

Toradex – unofficial Yocto Project meta layer

STM32MP1 – unofficial kernel for STM32MP1-disco

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier – unofficial Yocto Project configuration for NVIDIA Jetson

Engicam i.MX6 boards – unofficial Yocto Project setup for Engicam i.MX6

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